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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

SEO: Part II


1. Backlinks:-
 (a) Backlink Builder Tool.
 (b) Posting in Forums & Article Directory.
 (c) RSS Feeds.
 (d) Affiliate Programme.
 (e) News Announcements & Press Release.

2. Meta Keywords:

3. <p> tag title attribute:

4. <img> tag alt attribute:

This is enough for today. More will be posted on another day In Sha Allah!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

ACA: Anti-Corruption Academy - The academy that leads you to a whole new corruption-free world

Recognizing that corruption is a most significant roadblock in the improved governance, development and progress of our country, the Anti-Corruption Academy ACA aims to become the beacon that will guide the country and its citizens towards a culture and practice of integrity and accountability.

The need for such a pioneering institution is not only in India, but also Asia and all continents. The ACA will produce, manage and disseminate anti-corruption knowledge, good practices and all tools necessary for the construction and effective implementation of measures and policies in a systematic and inclusive way. The ACA will engage with all stakeholders: civil society, public servants, private sector, political parties, academia and media to tackle corruption at all levels and in all government and economic sectors.  
The below Link redirects you to the academy site.
Anti-Corruption Academy in India .
Have a glance on this site and may be you will serve your country to make it "Corruption-free".

Monday, December 14, 2015

Margram: The Beautiful Village

 This village is really awesome. It has so many things to know. No one cannot say it is the best place to live. But this village is the one whom so many villagers of this village loves it a lot. That's why they used to come to it during festivals. Its name in english is also an amazing one. "MARGRAM" If you pronounce it from the last It will be pronounced the same. It is a heart of so many farmers who are cultivating throughout the year and selling vegetable items in this village's market. Thus they spend their life. The Dwarka River, south-side of the village makes its both banks fertile and add a picnic spot for the childrens and people. The Margram High Madrasah Ground,north-side of the village is serving as a only playground for football & cricket in the village. This village has 2 Gram-panchayets itself. The Hatibandha More become a work center for Margram. Here Rampurhat Block-II BDO's Office, Margram Police Station, B.L.R.O., WBSEDCL Office, Margram Gram-Panchayet-II, School S.I. Office is located. It has two banks: Union Bank of India & State Bank of India. One Primary health Center for human beings & Veterenary hospital is there. Now-a-days The roads inside the village is good. So communicating becomes easier. It is one of the largest populated village in India. The natural beauty of this village is really good but it is in danger now. It is full of ponds: big,medium & small containing fish, crabs, snails, snakes, frogs.
             COME TO MARGRAM!                                                   EXPLORE MARGRAM!


SEO: Part I

Search Engine Optimization: It is a web marketing technique that helps to find easily and rank a website higher in the search result againt the search string. It has 5 steps:
 1. Crawling
 2. Indexing
 3. Processing
 4. Calculating Relevancy
 5. Retrieving.

If you follow the below steps In Sha Allah your website will come a little higher in ranking globally among the billions of website in the internet. So please follow them and also give me feedback in this regard.

1. Less competetive but highly specific keywords.

2. 5-10 numbers of keywords to optimize for.

3. Keywords in URLs & File-names: www.mydomain.com/my-domain/

4. Keywords in page title.

5. Keywords in headings: <h1>my domain in news</h1>, <h2> domain-name importance</h2>.

6. Anchor Text: The clickable text in a hyperlink must be precisely describe your website.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

CBSE Computer Science

Computer science is the scientific and practical approach to computation and its applications.

Online Telecast of Indian Super League (ISL 2014)

Bismillah..Peace be upon you all. Now It is Football Fever in India.... 8 Super Teams are playing very beautifully with each other. Indians are interested to watch "Only Crickets". ISL 2014 proves it wrong. While the teams are playing football team supporters attend the match to support their favourite team. But so many indians are not able to watch these matches. I'm sharing a link through which anyone having internet can watch the live streaming of these matches.  The below link leads you out the destination website where the telecast is going on....
 Hope you enjoy this!

CBSE Computer Science 2013 Question Paper

Bismillah.... Here I'm going to share CBSE Question Paper 2013, Hope it is helpful for you! My work will be succeeded if it helps the students a lot. This question pattern gives you an idea about your upcoming final Board Exam.. If you follow this pattern i.e. what type of questions are there in the paper Then you'll easily  answer your Board Questions. All The Best!!