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Saturday, February 22, 2014

10 Computer Scientists help to make this world so interesting!

Bismillah,...  .. is a list of some technocrats with huge fame. have a look on them!

1. Sir Tim Berners-Lee – World Wide Web.

2. Vint Cerf And Bob Kahn – TCP/IP.

3. Larry Page and Sergey Brin – Google Inc. 

4. David Filo and Jerry Yang – Yahoo! Inc.

5. Bill Gates – Microsoft.

6. Steven Paul Jobs – Apple Inc.

7. Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook.

8. Chad Hurley and Steve Chen – YouTube.

9. Linus Torvalds – Linux.

10. Jack Dorsey – Twitter.

They are the popular people around the world.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

How to Recharge your Phone Number

Here is a list of various companies:
BSNL *123*Number#
Tata Docomo *135*2*Number#
Airtel *101*Number#
Aircel *124*Number#
Idea *457*Number#
V0dafone *140*Number#
Uninor *222*3*Number#

Monday, March 18, 2013

Easy Mobile Recharge

Do you want your mobile phone to be recharged?? But don't have enough money in your pocket??? Don't worry!!!! Here is a solution if you have an internet connection. It's easy to recharge your phone through It's a free website where you can easily register your mobile number and keep login in  and send message. The more you send messages the more you gain in your account. When it have reached to minimum rupees 10 then you can recharge it in your number. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mobile Phone Tricks

Most often we are having such kind of problems regarding new phone numbers in real life. What happen when we get new number and don't have enough balance to know the phone number..?? There  is no such way left to know the number. Suppose you are far away from the shop where you get the SIM number and you haven't enough balance to call
 But don't worry..if there is a will there is a way. You can know your number from your own phone..really it's very simple! But you have to know some important numbers,that's it!
Reliance GSM-*1#
Virgin Mobile GSM-*1#
The above network providers' name and number shows you related SIM number from your own phone. If you get help from this post just like it or comment..your feedback is very important.
Network ProviderDial Code
Idea*789# or *100# or *1# *147# *131# or *131*1#
Vodafone*555# or *555*0# or *111*2# or *777*0# or *131*0#
Airtel*140*175 or*140*1600# or *121*9# or *282#  *141*123#
Aircel*1# or *234*4# or *888# or *122*131# or *131#
Reliance*1# *111#
Bsnl*1# or *99# or *222#
Tata Docomo*1#  or *580# or *124#
VirginSMS:  NUM to 51230 or *1#
Uninor*555# *1# *444# 
Loop*222# *1# *001#
Smart*1# *111*2#
BPL *222# *1# *001#

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Margram UnishKuri Club-hat baralei, notun margram

UnishKuri Club is Margram's one of the Clubs. The above image is their club's official Logo. It's full of youngsters and enthusiastic boys. They have been hosting cultural programme from three years and some social works like Blood Donation Camp. Their cultural programme is popular past three years. Margram has been suffering from lack of cultural programmes. But now every year Margram UnishKuri Club organizes a cultural programme at the end of the year. The young generation of the village is influenced by the club and its club-members' activities. This club is not so much established but is developing slowly. This club has 20-30 members who are very much active and very close to the club from its birth. But it lacks a club building.

Monday, August 27, 2012

C Programming Language

C programming Language is one of the popular language since it is invented. Basically it is created to develop Unix operating system..but it became popular is developed by Denis Ritchie in 1972. Now-a-days it is used to develop Unix Os, JVM and many more apps. C programming is the basic programming among other don't late to learn it...I'll help you to learn it..below I share a important and popular book to learn C Programming Language. Wish you All the Best!

Acharya J.C. Bose

Acharya  J.C. Bose is one of our greatest scientists in indian history...his fields are not only physics as we know him as the inventor of radio and invent that he proved plant had life.. We are now proud of him for his great contribution to the indians. One thing i forgot to quote he is also the first to write science fiction in bengali. If anyone has any doubt about it read the below link carefully-